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Paper Bowl

  • Optional Two Materials     
  • Make From Food-grade Material
  • Solid Texture                         
  • Compos-table & Biodegradable
  • Customizable                       
  • Super Oil Resistance                   
  • Color Options                           8
  • Temperature Range            -20℃-200℃
  • Scenario      outdoor barbecue、takeout


Rosenpack paper soup container is your best choice for noodle soup and takeaway food. It is made of specially treated oil-resistant and environmentally friendly pure wood pulp paper, which effectively prevents the penetration of edible oil and protects your food safety. At the same time, 8-color environmentally friendly flexible printing can be carried out according to your requirements. It’s compo-stable soup containers which are Eco friendly.

Paper Bowl  Paper Bowl  Paper Bowl

 Paper Bowl  Paper Bowl

Products Specification

Products Name Materials Size Capacity Top Dia/mm Bottom Dia/mm Height Dia/mm Packing
PCS/SL SL/CTN PCS/CTN  Carton Size/mm
Paper Bowl High-Quality Wood Pulp Paper 365ml 365ml 104.00  80.00  73.00  50  20  1000  535*425*480
420ml 420ml 103.50  74.00  87.00  35  1225  720*520*400
500ml 500ml 113.00  94.00  75.00  40  25  1000  570*575*460
765ml 765ml 113.50  89.50  109.50  40  15  600  570*350*580
570ml 570ml 100.00  75.00  112.00  50  20  1000  510*410*505
670ml 695ml 109.00  75.50  118.00  30  20  600  630*440*520
998ML 1025ml 136.60  102.00  106.00  30  20  600  680*420*580
1180ml 1182ml 141.50  111.27  113.00  34  15  510  640*430*695
555ml 555ml 136.00  111.00  67.00  35  20  700  680*550*410
885ml 885ml 139.00  109.00  84.50  25  20  500  560*460*710
475ml 473ml 95.50  66.60  108.00  25  24  600  520*390*570
1 Scoop Paper Cups 145ml 87.30  71.70  46.00  50  20  1000  450*360*360
2 Scoop Paper Cups 240ml 96.00  78.20  60.00  50  20  1000  490*395*460


Rosenpack has been deeply involved in paper packaging products for more than 20 years and has been at the forefront of the industry. We support custom printed paper bowls, we can carry out 8-color environmentally friendly flexible printing according to your requirements. The custom printed paper soup container you serve soup to customers in is the perfect opportunity to show off your brand. A personalized printed soup bowl design is the best way to reach out to your local community or build brand affinity.


The Rosenpack paper soup container has successfully obtained numerous industry-standard recycling certifications as well as approval for all materials and inks being food safe and odorless.

We set up a special laboratory with complete and complete inspection equipment, such as UV analyzer, stiffness meter, whiteness meter, dust detector, and microbiological inspection instrument, and have inspection capabilities for multiple inspection items.

Our products are your reliable choices with the support of numerous certifications, including SGS, China, FDA, and the European Union Food Safety Certificate, etc.

Quality Control     Production


We purchase base paper from a trusted base paper supplier, and its wood pulp comes from sustainable and renewable economic forests. The product uses pure wood pulp base paper with degradable materials such as PLA or new water-based coating, which greatly reduces carbon emissions and contributes to carbon neutrality.

The Rosenpack paper soup container adopts a special molding design, so that it has a carrying capacity that exceeds other products, and can safely hold hot soup and other foods. The special coating treatment makes it not only has super high oil release performance but also can be heated in a microwave oven. It is a great choice for your party and barbecue. At the same time, 8-color environmentally friendly flexible printing can be carried out according to your requirements.


Placing an order is easy on our website. Just follow the steps and make your memorable moments easier! First step is to select the sample you are looking for and contact us. The second step is to leave your messages about the details of the customized product, size, colors, reference map. The Third Step is to wait for a custom order.