The global pandemic completely shifted our daily lives forever. Whether you have a small apartment in the USA or live on a riverboat in Paris, France, the way you interact with the outside world changes because of Covid-19.


One of the surprising updates for our lifestyle was the introduction of disposable plates and cups being utilized by restaurants and takeout shops worldwide. This reduced issues surrounding exposure to other people. Using paper plates and cups helped decrease the risk of exposure between previous users and us. Overall, disposable paper plates and cups have some positive outcomes for the global pandemic. And this article will guide you to know more.


The Benefits of Disposable Paper Plates and Cups During the Pandemic

Takeout orders increased by 237% during the Covid-19 lockdowns of 2020 and 2021. Everyone wanted to get their favorite meals, drinks, and snacks delivered to their front doors to avoid any unwanted exposure, and disposable paper plates and cups decreased the chance of contracting the virus. There have been some positive results of using disposable plates and cups, including:




By sticking to disposable products, these paper plates and cups reduce the number of exposure people experiences with traditional plates and glasses. Instead of multiple workers delivering and cleaning these dishes, disposable plates and cups can be thrown away after use, decreasing the risks of exposure and increasing workers’ working efficiency.




Biodegradable cups and plates are on the rise because people realize non-degradable disposables have a bad impacts on our environment. Now there is a massive push for companies worldwide to increase their recycling and biodegradable production innovations. And the disposable plates and cups from Rosen Packaging are produced in an eco-friendly way to protect the whole environment.



    3.Wide Applications

Disposable plates and cups are not just regulated to the takeout dinner arena. Instead, you can utilize these materials for everything from special occasions like birthday parties, weddings, and corporate events to taking your family on that long-awaited camping trip by the lake.


The Advantages of Rosen Packagings Disposable Paper Plates and Cups

Sticking with a reputable company with a long history of excellence in producing disposable plates and cups is a good decision. We at Rosen Packaging are proud to offer a complete line of biodegradable and eco-friendly disposable plates and cups. We understand the unique nature of the current marketplace and are meeting increased consumer demands for durable and efficient products while also aligned with sustainable practices.

With the disposable paper plates from Rosen Packaging, you will get:



  • Food Grade Material 

We follow strict quality control guidelines and seek local, regional, national, and international certifications that ensure every one of our products is consumer-ready. It includes sticking with food-grade materials that ensure your safety, family, and guests. Whether hosting a private event or operating a food business, you can trust Rosen Packaging.



  • High Degradation andComplete Recovery 

Our expert technicians and product development team has taken the time and effort to study what materials are best for biodegradable quality cups and plates. We want to ease our clients’ worries by offering products that will not place undue harm on our environment now or in the future.



  • Oil Resistance 

Using a quality disposable plates and cups supplier is more than checking for eco-friendly practices. You also want a final product that will hold up to the many uses of fresh and cooked foods. It includes using products that will not leak or fall apart when a fresh plate of chili or juice arrives at your table. No one wants to open their takeaway plates or cups only to find a mix of broken packaging and messy food.

Get Started with the Professionals at Rosen Packaging

When you are ready to transform your product line with quality disposable plates and cups, reach out to our professional sales team at Rosen Packaging. We provide industry-leading products that can be customized using food-grade materials and safe colors. Our goal is to elevate your brand and wholesale needs, no matter the occasion or business. We have the disposable plate and cups solutions for you with years of experience, state-of-the-art facilities, and certifications.