With various paper-based materials and different textures that increase desirability, paper products are designed to take the after-party cleaning weight off users’ shoulders. People only need to use them and toss them away in the bin without harmful effects. This instant clean-up solution has cast a spell on party lovers or organizers.


In 2021, the global paper plates and cups market reached a colossal spike of over $112.8 billion. Such a great number proves the popularity of paper plates and cups, but why are they so popular, especially in holding parties? This article shows the reasons behind it. Without further ado, let’s get started.


Why Do People Use Paper Plates and Cups to Hold Parties?

Holding a flawless party in town is not possible without paper plates and cups in the dinnerware set. Among various reasons to choose paper plates and cups, the prominent ones why they can’t be neglected are as follows:


  • The COVID-19 Context

There’s no doubt that COVID-19 has made a significant global phenomenon with far-reaching consequences. This crisis has left an impact that completely altered how people look at things, especially from a hygienic point of view.


Hence, people end up modifying their behaviors and picking up habits that not only keep them safe from that virus but also save the planet. Undoubtedly, that prominent habit includes using disposable paper products, such as paper plates and cups, in everyday life.    


Since a cup surface restricted from multiple touches is considered more germ-free and hygienic, especially in COVID-19, using paper plates and cups at a party helps people avoid spreading the virus through close distancing and physical contact.


  • Convenience

Convenience is another reason why 221.44 million Americans reportedly used disposable paper plates and cups back in 2021. People can save time, energy, and water expenditures by shifting to lightweight disposable paper products, keeping them from the after-party cleaning. Thus, the best party plan is to use paper plates and cups and simply throw them in the trash when people finish eating.


  • Environmental Friendliness

The materials involved in manufacturing disposable paper products decide whether they are good or bad for the environment. For instance, polystyrene, a material for disposable products, can hardly decompose, which brings about adverse environmental effects.


Disposable paper products are considered more eco-friendly than polystyrene products. People can always find many biodegradable paper plates and cups fabricated with certain non-toxic and recycled materials, which are readily available in the market at a reasonable cost.  


What to Consider before Buying Paper Plates and Cups to Hold Parties?

Among numerous factors that come into play when people need to pick the paper plates and cups to hold parties, some tricks might be able to give them an upper hand over others:


    1.The Number of People at the Party

The first thing to do is to count the number of people! If it’s a party at the house, it’s a piece of cake to set down the names of those invited. The moment hosts figure out how many invitees are all together, and they can estimate the number of plates required depending on the items on the menu. Moreover, if people don’t want to run out of paper plates and cups in the middle of the party, it’s wise to keep a stock of a couple of additional disposable paper products at hand just in case.


    2.The Size of Paper Plates and Cups

After confirming the number of people attending the party, people should pay attention to the specifications of paper plates and cups based on the types and sizes of the food. Suppose there are drinks, chips, fried chickens, fruits, and cookies at the party. With such a variety of items on the menu, people might better choose the supplier who can offer paper products in different sizes so as to satisfy their needs.


It is worth mentioning that Rosen Packaging can offer paper cups ranging from 4oz to 20oz and paper boxes available in different sizes. Or, if people want the customized service, it is acceptable at Rosen Packaging.


    3.The Supplier

Lastly, do a quick background check on your selected supplier of disposable paper products about its manufacturing materials and techniques. The incorporated materials in the manufacturing of paper plates and cups could include harmful substances that might increase greenhouse gas emissions, which are neither good for users nor the environment. Therefore, your paper plates and cups supplier must be an eco-friendly manufacturer who delivers unique quality products at an affordable price.


Where to Buy High-Quality Paper Plates and Cups?

After understanding the core grounds behind using paper plates and cups and learning the smart way to evaluate different factors before choosing the supplier of disposable paper products for parties, it’s time to put that knowledge to practice. Although by now, people are qualified to take the pick among the countless suppliers who claim to be the best, they may still feel mixed up about making up their minds.


Rosen Packaging is a perfect supplier to provide paper plates and cups used at parties. Our environment-friendly and high-quality products are delivered to our valuable customers. Furthermore, equipped with a unique laboratory with state-of-the-art machinery collection to follow the international standard of quality control protocols, we are capable of meeting all paper plates wholesale requirements of users regarding holding parties by bringing about results beyond their expectations.