According to EMR, The global paper cups market is expected to increase in the forecast period of 2022-2027 to reach 292 billion units by 2026, with consumption growing at a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 1.4 % in the forecast years of 2022-2027. Undoubtedly, paper cups bring tremendous convenience to our daily lives.


However, the thing that we should pay attention to is the bad influence on the environment. Traditional paper cups are coated with PE, a kind of plastic that makes the cups cannot be recycled, adding pressure to the environment.


With a rising environmentally conscious and the growing urgency to achieve carbon neutrality, green paper cups, which are biodegradable and won’t sacrifice convenience and safety, are needed. And this is what we will talk about changes in paper cups in this passage.


Changes in the Paper Cups

Compared to traditional paper cups, the new green paper cups are zero-plastic and biodegradable, with a higher recyclable rate (increasing to over 90%) and value, generating less carbon footprint (51.1g compared to 60.9g, according to Intertek).  


Eco-friendly paper cup manufacturers like Rosen Packaging, which is dedicated to removing harmful substances, have further developed biodegradable materials. So what leads to such an update? And what positive effect has it brought to the environment?


  1.Changing Materials: Zero-Plastic & Water-Based Coating

Green paper cups, which have the same function as the PE coating in the traditional paper cup, are lined with coating, preventing the hot liquid from penetrating into the cups. The coating paper was made from 94- 95% pure paper and 5-6% coating, which is degradable and recyclable and can reduce carbon emissions. And because it contains no plastics, the cups can be turned to pulp directly, reaching over 90% recyclable rate. In addition, it has the following advantages:


  • Water-proof: the graphene nanoribbons enable paper cups to have a high water-proof capacity.
  • Temperature-resistance: The green paper cups can resist temperatures ranging from -20℃to 200℃ and can be put in the for 3-minute heating at 200℃.
  • Reducing coating usage: the zero-plastic coating paper was stuck with paper through this technology, reducingcoating wasting. 
  • Food-grade safety: the coating is reliable and totally safe for bodies. Besides, it has passed all the chemical tests, complying with food safety and hygienic requirements of China, the EU, and the FDA (Pure Food and Drug Administration).
  • No liquid seeping out: the zero-plastic coating has the same capacity to prevent liquid seeping out as the traditional coating, which can keep water in a cup for over 2.5h.
  • Reusability: The firm body enables them to reuse four to five times.


  2.Fully Bio-Degradable Materials

The use of pulp is a major step toward ensuring its degradability. It is a clean, wood-based raw material that can be used to manufacture paper and various paper-based products while making them truly sustainable bio-products at the same time. Besides, the woods are chosen under regulations adding safety and being odor-free.


What the Changes Have Brought to the Environment

The past decades have witnessed a worsening environment and climate. On our way to delivering a sustainable future, handling global warming, achieving carbon peaking, and carbon neutrality have been put on governments’ working agenda.


As one of the disposable consumables, updates of the paper cup are important to put forward those agendas. Therefore, every small change can bring huge differences. Here we can learn about how green paper cups boost environmental protection.


  • Cleaner Water, Air & Soil

The eco-friendly paper cups are totally biodegradable and can be decomposed and degraded into fertilizer or recycled and processed to become the raw material of paperboard or cardboard, doing no harm to the soil and waters. Besides, no plastic contained also means they avoid excess pollution into the environment and atmosphere.


  • Carbon-neutrality

When recycled, the carbon footprint of a paper cup slumps by 54%. If a traditional paper cup is swapped to the green paper cups, which are sourced from wood pulp from sustainable and renewable economic forests, the carbon footprint will be cut down, quickening the coming of carbon neutrality.


Conclusion: Rosen Packaging Offers the New Green Paper Cups

For all the benefits we have mentioned, you may wonder where to find the green paper cups. Let us introduce to you Rosen Packaging. 


Rosen Packaging, a forerunner of paper packaging manufacturing, has been committed to producing environmentally friendly and more reliable biodegradable paper cups for various demands. Decades-long experience in this industry helps us accumulate a strong technical force, and a full industrial chain from laminating and printing to die-cutting and molding is established. 


For the quality control, we adopt a special molding design, so the capacity we carry exceeds other brands. We brace ourselves for the highest standards of food packaging boxes wholesale. To reach our ambition, the equipment we employ is advanced and reliable. And the production process is under regulation to ensure each green paper cup is equipped with the best quality that can cater to every demand.


Feel free to contact us if you want to know more about Rosen Packaging and our quality products.